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FLEUR – Le Capharnaüm (7インチ・シングル)



FLEUR – Le Capharnaüm (SFR-45-059) Tracklist: A: 1. Le Capharnaüm B: 1. Fais Gaffe! Your favourite YéYé-girl from the Netherlands, FLEUR is back with a great double sider onSOUNDFLAT RECORDS! After her brilliant debut album and three 7”s on BICKERTONRECORDS, we simply cannot get enough of FLEUR’s fabulous YéYé-Beat with a dreamy nod to French chansons from the 60’s. Written, recorded and produced at Studio Teepdek by Arjan Spies (LES ROBOTS/THE KRYNG/THE KIK), Paul Zoontjens (THE KIK/SIMON KEATS) and Dave von Raven (THE KIK/LES ROBOTS) with lyrics by Fleur and Lou’ Szymanowski, the single consists of two stompers with FLEUR’s warm and silky voice on top that will easily fill every dancefloor! Think a fresh and absolutely charming mix of FRANCE GALL and FRANCOISE HARDY. The A-side-track “Le Capharnaüm” is taken from the upcoming second album “Bouquet Champêtre”(SOUNDFLAT, EXCELSIOR) by FLEUR which will be out November 2022! We can’t wait!